What I know about

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is about the use of data, context and insights to better connect to target market prospects and customers in both traditional and digital communications.Using the most sophisticated platforms and tools to be effective and efficient and achieve desired outcomes and embedding a disciplined and structured approach in marketing planning.

Contextual Marketing

Content is content. In an information rich, time poor and instant access world, context is king. Driving user engagement requires a marketing strategy that optimises content for relevance, usefulness, accessibility and personalisation. Context makes the marketing message unique for each consumer – it makes it personal, efficient and successful.

Cross Channel Engagement

Customers want to be instantly engaged through different channels and expect a seamless experience.  They want their experience to be seamless across multiple channels, for different activities and at various times of the day and in ways they choose to be engaged. Marketing plans need to encompass real-time, mobile ready content, leveraged customer data for personalisation and cut-through and, contextual messaging to maximize their experience.

Integrated Digital Marketing in B2B and B2C

Bringing together digital presences on the web, email, social and mobile to enhance the user experience and achieve maximum return on investment. Easier said that implemented.

What I speak about

The Connected Business

Recent business uncertainty has forced businesses to go back to basics and focus on their lifeblood, their customers. Business owners are now finding ways to stay relevant to their business stakeholders through various communication techniques, with ever-decreasing resources and expense budgets. With the mass adoption of social media and online networking tools such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, there is an opportunity for business owners to learn more about and connect directly with their most valuable asset base – their customers.

In this session, Iggy discusses how cost-effective social media tools can be smartly leveraged by businesses for commercial benefit. Delivered in a practical and interactive style, this presentation is guaranteed to provide insights and ideas on how to engage, interact and stay relevant in an increasingly connected business world by becoming a connected business.

Using Social Media to Generate Business

The question on every business person’s lips – how do I extract commercial value from being on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a practical and manageable way?

In this session, Iggy relates how a business of any size can establish an online presence that generates awareness, inquiries and leads using key social media platforms. He uses both local and international case studies across a number of industries to showcase potential business opportunities.

This presentation leaves the audience members with practical insights and ideas on how to be best positioned in an increasingly connected business world by taking advantage of an integrated social media presence.

The Business of Technology

The next generation of information technology and communications will be about two major business dynamics: convergence and connection. Technologies such as mobile, wireless and cloud computing will converge to provide businesses with increased flexibility and productivity. It will also enable greater connectivity to information, experiences and transactions with customers, prospects and suppliers at an instant and global level to expand the scope and range of business opportunities.

Iggy discusses the trends and insights in converging and connection technology and relates how businesses can practically leverage these for optimal commercial benefit.

Effective Networking Online – The Social Networking Opportunity

The old adage of “not what you know but who you know” has made a big comeback. Business people now realise the importance of having a network of connections to call upon for assistance if required. The proliferation and adoption of social networks such as Linkedin has facilitated the ability to build and manage professional networks online. There now exists an opportunity for business people to create and nurture personal and commercial opportunities from these networks.

Iggy discusses how online networking can be smartly leveraged to create potential social and business opportunities. This presentation provides practical steps on how to become an effective online networker.