About Iggy Pintado – Business Leader, Marketing Director and Connector.

Iggy Pintado is an accomplished and experienced Enterprise Business Leader with sales, marketing, channels and online expertise.

Over the last 30 years, Iggy has held professional, management and executive positions in enterprise sales, marketing, channels, operations and online management at IBM, Telstra, UXC Connect, Australian Institute of Company Directors and SAS Australia/New Zealand. He is currently Managing Director at IDC Australia and New Zealand.

Iggy’s value to an organisation is in developing practical business strategies that deliver tangible results, implementing both traditional and online sales, marketing and channel initiatives that enable sustainable and engaging relationships with customers, prospects and partners and; establishing disciplined management systems for measurable opportunity identification and validation, revenue-generating and expense control outcomes for commercial benefit.

Iggy has extensive experience in managing all aspects of marketing plans, strategies, policies and procedures and engagement in large and diversified organisations. He has a demonstrated record of providing strategic direction and leadership in all activities from a range of product and service focused organisations. He possesses a proactive and energetic leadership style complimented by a highly developed interpersonal and communication skill set that enables him to establish and maintain high level relationships across the board.

Iggy is also an accomplished and experienced business leader, executive and connector. In June 2013, Iggy was ranked #3 most connected Australian on Linkedin and #88 globally. He is an internationally recognised connection technology practitioner and a dedicated observer of societal and business models and patterns. As a “super-connected” networker on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, he has earned his place in the Top 25 list of the most connected business networkers in Australia.

His book, Connection Generation, is a fascinating study of how connectedness affects our place in society and business and the challenges and opportunities this compelling development presents.